Felicia Chappelle

Felicia Chappelle received her training as a touring lead actress at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  She is returning to the stage in support of her palpable thirst for art!

As for INTERRUPTED MOTHERHOOD, Ms. Chappelle says, “The journey of creative expression is for me, a journey of emotional healing as depicted in this one-woman play. That healing drives my artistic self. The whole process relies on an active relationship with creative action.

Through challenges and obstacles, with laughter and humility INTERRUPTED MOTHERHOOD circles around the universal truths we all share.”


Will Walker, III

Will Walker, III (US Navy, Ret.) is a native of Washington, D.C. and a long-standing creative in film, stage and television. A dramaturg and student of psychodrama therapy, Mr. Walker sticks to his belief we are spiritual beings having a human experience and now we are doing what we were born to do. Walker’s vision and overview is well suited to fine tune Chappelle’s natural talent in bringing INTERRUPTED MOTHERHOOD to audiences.


Interrupted Motherhood

Felicia Chappelle’s one-woman one-act monologue entitled, Interrupted Motherhood is a passionate and engaging story drawn from personal experience specifically written to overcome obstacles in motherhood and celebrate life. Interrupted Motherhood is a play that loves women in all of our choices and circumstances. The creative work will give participants insight into marital stability while walking the perimeters of mental health, and  sharing some mysteries from womankind. Adjusting to life after birth, conquering addiction and maintaining sexual wellness in a single parent home is a comedic but intense juggling act! Interrupted Motherhood! What happens when you give up everything to love a man and raise his children alone?

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